C-JAC is a prominent manufacturer in Taiwan which manufactured an extensive range of hydraulic deceleration and components for exceeding than 20 years. The main products are including shock absorbers, hydraulic speed controllers, pilot check valves, high precision planetary gearboxes and optional accessories. The products are widely used in such industries as the robots for plastic injection moulding machine, pick and place feeding equipment, screen print machines, conveyors, robots air cylinders, vibration conveyor systems, rolling doors, medical equipment, foundry industries, rodless cylinders, package machines, machine tools, rubber/plastic machines, woodworking machines, education researches and automotive transfer lines.

We have established an excellent reputation in the same trading. Moreover, we are ready for providing a good service and flexible response to meet our valuable customer requirements for the modifications and specials. Our products are founded on excellent quality, competitive prices, short lead time, satisfactory services and constantly development. The high quality standard of our products was impressively confirmed in 1999 by the award of ISO 9001: a version of 2000 in the 2002.

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